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Welcome to As Funny as Farting!!!
" There's nothing funnier than a fart."
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This Site will tickle your Bollocks... Top Rated & X - Rated. Funny photos, Priceless Photos, sexy celebs, funny pictures, adult animated gifs, funny flash files, jokes and xxx Celebrity Photos. All 4 free +18 .
Funny as Farting was first Farted on the net on the 4th of October 2000.
We've been on the web for some time and have been moved more times Than "Pickfords." We were at red-hot-ant for a while until they went bankrupt. But now we are back. On a new adult server Kinghost.com (thanks guys) He you can find some of the funniest photos, including Priceless That will tickle your Bollocks for hours... We hope you enjoy your stay here. Don't forget to tell your friends (if you've got any).
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03 / 08 / 04 ~ Pic of the Day
* New Pic of the day,
Check our new Sexy High Quality Photo Of the Day.
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04 / 06 / 03 ~ Thanks for the mail

Sorry I haven't updated for a while been busy, Thanks to all that sent stuff to my this month..anyway thanks to the singing kitty's

10 / 01 / 03 ~ Sexy Maeka

New to the Desktop !!

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20 / 09 / 02 ~ Priceless Photo
Just been sent this priceless photo, from Anna. Thanks
06 / 09 / 02 ~ magic trick
This one will wow you. It's got me baffled this its a great magic trick . I just couldn't believe my eyes. Feel free to put this trick on your site.
02 / 09 / 02 ~ The funny sites .Com
Well its been some time since my last update ...Stop complaining I've been busy :) here's something for you
29 / 07 / 02 ~ New Celebrities Photos
New Celebrities at Funny as Farting's celebrity xxx !! Madonna and the very sexy Mariah Carey all naked.
27 / 07 / 02 ~ New Celebrities Photos
New Celebrities at Funny as Farting's celebrity xxx !! Spiderman's Kirsten Dunst, and the lovely Austin Powers Liz Hurley naked.
26 / 07 / 02 ~ New Priceless Photos
Have been sent lots of priceless photos lately haven't had time to put them all up yet here two pages of some of the best more will follow later thanks to all the sent them. Also check this great site I found last night anothersite.2ya hope you like it
26 / 07 / 02 ~ Adult WEBCAMS
Found a good site for adult web cams if your in to that sort of thing
07 / 07 / 02 ~ More New Celebrities Photos
More New Celebrities at Funny as Farting's celebrity xxx !! Jamie Bergman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Alba, Jo S Club 7, Josie Maran & Julia Schultz
06 / 07 / 02 ~ New Celebrities Photos
New Celebrities at Funny as Farting's celebrity xxx !! Christina Aguilera, Devon, Danni Minoque, Demi Moore, Denise Richards, Eva Herzigova , Gillian Anderson, Heather Graham & Heather Spytek
29 / 06 / 02 ~ Is Jade A Minger ??
Two Very Funny Photos of Jade from Big Brother... Sent By Phil Cheers Mate (If you have some funny photos of the big brother contestants please send them to us Click here
12 / 06 / 02 ~ The World Cup Craze is growing
Stupid Things Said In The World Of Soccer
04 / 06 / 02 ~ The Booger Worm
This is a Funny Flash file don't forget to send the Booger Worm to all your friends
03 / 06 / 02 ~ Alley Baggett
7 new photos added of the gorgeous Alley Baggett
31 / 05 / 02 ~ People you'd Love to see Become Fat
Got sent these great photo's of People you'd Love to see Become Fat from my mate in south Africa. Fuckin funny
30 / 05 / 02 ~ Priceless
Got sent two new priceless photos. Hope you like them
30 / 05 / 02 ~ Fat belly dancer
Found this funny flash file of the fat belly dancer have a look and send it to your friends its a giggle. :)
17 / 05 / 02 ~ Strange news
Here's some strange news for you hot off the press. Plus some more Priceless photos..
08 / 05 / 02 ~ Bumper Stickers for Ladies
Got send these funny e-mail's today Bumper Stickers for Ladies and...
08 / 05 / 02 ~ Family Fortunes
... what people really answered on Family Fortunes

27 / 04 / 02 ~ Annoying ~ wassssupps ~ Peking Moon

Check this out for annoying , I thought it was hilarious, Continuing with the wassssupps saga in a Peking Moon type way. All I can say is Duh ... or was it Ooops.

30 / 04 / 02 ~ Dancing Ant

Found this Dancing Ant today very cool flash program, see for yourself...

29 / 04 / 02 ~ Bush Aerobics

President Bush doing aerobics I hear you say...... Bush Aerobics another flash program to tickle your Bollocks.
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