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Trigere Regine

Trigere Regine !

Trigere Regine

(pronounced "Trihz-air Rehz-ine")

I was born 9-2-79 in Huntington Beach, Ca.

Living near the beach my whole life has been one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences anyone can ask for. Growing up you could always find me running around half naked in a bikini. So I guess you could say I was always pretty comfortable with myself and still am!

Dancing was a heavy part of my life. I competed regularly & won some trophies and ribbons. Being in front of the camera or an audience just makes me happy!
This amazing feeling just comes over me and just gets me rolling into action! So I that's one of the reasons I started this site. Dancing, acting, singing and modeling just make me feel very free. I'm trying to entertain myself and hopefully whoever is watching...

So now that I have this website up I'm hoping it might help me out a little. I've been traveling- working a lot of tradeshows, doing fit modeling and loving every bit of it.

Trigere Regine

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