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Aussie girl Fleur walking nude across a bridge

abby winters_Fleur

I really like Fleur. This natural looking Australian girl looks great indoors and outdoors, from the front or back and from top or bottom. Awesome Aussie babe! AW tells us that this was a busy bridge, on a Friday afternoon. About 10 people walked past (you'll see them interacting with Fleur in backstage, I think).

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Fleur flashing in an Australian public park and at home afterwards

Abby Winters Australian Girl

Fleur looks great indoors and outdoors. We start in an Australian public park and AW tells us that it was Jamie's job to keep people moving. But some guys sometimes ask if they can watch. We then see her at home playing with her pussy. Check out Fleur naked on the bridge and her indoor shoot plus all the backstage pictures.

Gisela and Lulu clit rubbing and fingering

Abby Winters Lulu and Gisela girl on girl

Gisela and Lulu clit rubbing and fingering and much more. Petite Lulu gives as good as she gets in this explicit lesbian shoot. Both girls go down on each others pussy with their tongues before gently probing with their tongues. They have some unbelievable girl on girl sex and the pics below don't tell the whole story. There are 268 pics to download of they two girls plus 59 after sex pictures AND videos! Lulu has 7 hours of videos (23) video and 2,226 images in 12 image sets. She's also had lesbian sex with Latisha, Brooklyn, Dani, Marleen, Claudia and Mina. Gisela has over 6 hours of video (23) and 2,593 images in 13 image sets. She's also had lesbian sex with Gina, Mina, Alyssa, Claudia and Immie.

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Giselle and Julia are simply awesome together

Abby Winters Giselle Julia pics

Well done girls !!APPLAUSE!! !!HOLLA!! !!APPLAUSE!! you two are simply awesome!! But there's one thing that's seriously missing. Me? Not only pics but a stunning video of these two in action. Nice eh? Giselle has enjoyed herself at Abby Winters and has done several girl-girl shoots. She has 60 videos and 3,414 images in 16 image sets whilst Julia has has also done her share of girl on girl, intimate masturbating etc. and has 42 videos and 1,803 images in 13 image sets. Two amazing amateur Aussie babes who seem to have made their second home at Abby Winters. Go to and search for their lesbian galleries. Instant access to Abby Winters from ($25 per month / $0.88 per day).

Hayley and Mei making out in the garage

Abby Winters Haley and Mei

These two are just stunning together! This is Hayley's first explicit girl on girl shoot and it's with exotic, sexy, little Mei. Couldn't be better. Awesome video and the backstage videos are always a special part of the shoots for me and this one is a real favorite - relaxed and affectionate, rounding out these lovely young ladies, and letting me feel a bit like I'm there. Hayley has 33 videos and 2,870 images in 12 image sets including masturbating videos in Intimate Moments and more girl on girl action. Mei has 23 videos and 2,192 images in 9 image sets including masturbation and more girl on girl action with other amateur models. Instant access to Abby Winters from ($25 per month / $0.88 per day).

Irena with a smoking hot body and a super cute face

Abby Winters Irena pics

I really got a good feeling from Irena as well. She's also a real looker. Absolutely smokin' body and what a super cute face. The video interview reveals Irena to be so confident and charismatic. I welcome her honesty about being gay - her choice and, unfortunately, my loss! Thank you, Irena, for sharing yourself with us. I find her voice very sexy - a nice "throaty" come-hither sound. Check out all her videos and image sets only at Abbywinters amateur models. Instant access to Abby Winters from ($25 per month / $0.88 per day).

Difficult to describe how lovely Isabel is at the moment

Abby Winters Isabel pictures

I just love the way she looks so happy to be exposing her beautiful body! This naked Australian girl is stunning, absolutely breathtaking and so completely comfortable with her body and surroundings. Young Isabel has 9 videos and 4 image sets at Abby Winters.

Ivana shows her playful personality and more

Abby Winters Ivana hairy pussy pics

Is Ivana full of personality or what? Not to mention devastatingly cute. One of my all time Abby Winters favorites. She's just a bundle of energy, and what a great smile. Even laying in bed and being 'calm' she is kicking her feet up and down. Adorable and lovely. The toughest part for me was the start of video 3 - do I watch her expressive face or her awesome butt? 6 videos and images of Ivana to download at Abby Winters. Instant access from ($25 per month / $0.88 per day).

Blonde Misha and Rosa in explicit girl on girl action

Abby Winters Misha and Rosa pics

Blonde Misha and Rosa in explicit girl on girl action. I'm not sure which part was sexier. Misha perched on the bannister while Rosa went down on her or Rosa, standing in front of the mirror, with Misha standing behind her and reaching around to touch her. Beautiful girl-girl shoot! I have only seen first half of video but it is EPIC. Both girls have had intimate sex with other girls at Abby Winters. Blonde Dutch girl Misha has over 21 hours of videos (70 videos) and 7,428 images in 30 image sets - at the moment - including lesbian sex with 13 girls. Rosa is a newbie with over 3 hours of video (11 videos) and 1,396 images in 8 image sets including lesbian sex with 2 other girls. All videos can be downloaded and kept for life!

Carian and Gretchen are very fucking horny

Abby Winters Gretchen and Carian

Wonderful shoot, I can never get enough of Gretchen. One thing I love about her girl-girl shoots is getting to see her with and without her glasses. Her glasses bring out her expressive eyes and without her glasses brings a certain sleepy eyed softness to her facial features that is really beautiful. Carian's nipples are spectacular, loved the sexy picture of Gretchen gently pinching them. I agree with Gretchen, Carians voice is so damn sexy, but so is everything else about that little lady. Oh, doesn't Gretchen's red bra looks marvelous holding her lovely breasts. It was cool when Gretchen grabbed a pillow to put under Carian's bum, that raised her pretty pudenda up, away from the bedding to make it easier to see all the delicious cunnilingus and soft kisses that Gretchen lovingly placed around Carian's mound of venus. Izzy asked them to describe the video in three words or less and Carian replied, "Very fucking horny". Both girls have lots of videos and pics to download and keep on Abby Winters.

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Adelle does a teasing striptease around her house

abby winters Adelle

Adelle is a stunner and the video captures that. Her playing was good, and her instrument looked absolutely delicious. Awesome to see her playing music naked. It reminded me of the remark attributed to the famous conductor Sir Thomas Beecham, directed towards a cellist in his orchestra: 'Madam, you have between your legs an instrument that can give pleasure to thousands, and all you can do is scratch it.' Check out her other image sets with videos including a girl on girl.
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Aletta gives her best friend Adelle a guitar lesson

abby winters Aletta

Aletta is incredibly cute and she has a absolutely awesome body. I love the pics of her breasts peeking out from behind the guitar. Aletta is a lovely and natural young lady and it was fun to hear her and Klara speculate about their upcoming girl-girl. This gorgeously shy Dutch girl can be contacted on the Abby Winters forum. Plenty of pictures and videos at Abby Winters. Total shoots: 63: 16h 42m 03s in 88 video clips; 4,459 images in 18 image sets including boy girl and several lesbian shoots. All on video too!
Aletta and Misha free gallery
Aletta and Carmina free gallery
Aletta and Harald free gallery

Flic makes a comeback with her smile and beautiful eyes

abbywinters Felicity

I think that Felicity's hair has got a little redder since the last time we saw her. In this most recent redux of Felicity's she once again comes out of her shell and flirts and teases with you through the camera lens, in an intensely sexual and innocently cute manner. You'll find yourself willing this 19 year old amateur to remove the clothes that conceal her stunning features and lick-ably smooth skin. Of course she won't disappoint you, but she'll definitely have a cheeky little tease with you along the way. At the moment Felicity or 'Flic' as the members love to call her, has 1 hour 13 minutes of video and 597 images in 4 image sets. Get to know her better in her video interview.
Nude Australian girl Felicity - total shoots: 5: 01h 51m 14s in 5 video clips. 766 images in 5 image sets
Here's another Free Abby Winters Felicity picture gallery.

Abby Winters Elizabeth spreads her butt cheeks

abby winters Elizabeth

Pretty Elizabeth gets naked and jumpy in the bath tub. This Aussie babe is a really nice isn't she? Elizabeth has a very nice personality to go with her curvy body. I love this girls attitude. She's an Australian girl who has no hang ups about appearing in front of the camera stark naked. Check out her beach nudity. As well has her solo shoots (pics and vids), she appears in group nudity with other Abby Winters models and fools around on the bed in the girl-girl section with Danielle. Instant access to Abby Winters from ($25 per month / $0.88 per day). Australian girl Elizabeth total shoots: 10 08m 00s in 2 video clips 1,354 images in 13 image sets
Here is another Elizabeth free picture gallery - nude on the beach.
Elizabeth nude and exposing herself in a tree

Tully in her first ever nude photo shoot

abby winters tully pics

Tully has a very nice smile, pretty eyes and a great body. I like the natural hairy pussy and looks as though she had a few nerves before standing nude in front of the camera. There's so much to love about this 18 year old British girl. I think I would suddenly go a bit shy and coy if approached by this gorgeous lady, especially if she was flashing that smile my way. I love her sun tan lines highlighting all her private parts. Tully is a real amateur from the enormous Abby Winters archives. Check out her nude girl - girl fun with Samantha.

German amateur Elsa is an angel, being devilish


German amateur Elsa is so my type. What a cutie. I love the whole look of this naked German girl. Natural beauty and a devilish look in her eyes as she takes off her casual clothes. She's definitely a beauty - perfect in every way. I'd love to go backpacking around the world with her. Nearly forgot to mention her sexy German accent in her videos. She was backpacking around Australia and decided to model for Abby Winters and make some extra holiday money.

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German backpacker Heidi strips on an Australian beach

Abby Winters Heidi Pictures

German backpacker Heidi with a lovely freckled face and big smile. She's a real girl next door model and it's so nice to see her curvy petite body nude on the beach. I could pick out lots of little things like her lovely butt or that sexy little bush but Heidi is just so nice overall. This shoot flows nicely with Heidi first getting changed, looking spunky in her jeans and then stripping off on the beach. Check out the backstage pics and Heidi is also with four other girls naked on the beach in the shoot "beach girls".

Lesbian sex in an Aussie Laundromat


Five spunky girls having it off in a Laundromat! This video is awesome. I really enjoyed watching these 5 lovely girls slowly undressing, tenderly kissing and gently fondling each others tits and butts. Anytime you get Cleo and Indiana involved your going to be getting beautiful stills and fun videos!

Mckenzie is a seriously sexy Australia girl

abby winters mckenzie pictures

I met McKenzie some time ago in Las Vegas when Abby Winters attended a trade show. She is beautiful, smart and stunning and other good things that I can't think of the words for right now. Mackenzie's figure is gorgeous, but that dazzling smile just knocks me out. The smiles on AW always seem so natural: the photographers obviously do a great job getting their models relaxed. Check out her other image sets including the Waterfall girls group nudity and a girl - girl with Penelope. Look for the waterfall girls free gallery on this website. Pussy closeups on the next gallery.

Elegant young Belinda agrees to pose nude

abby winters belinda

Belinda is utterly beautiful. A tall and sexy lady who is charming, with beautiful brown eyes. She's got a very classy look to her, don't you think? After some discussion, she strips off her blue jeans, top, white cotton panties and walks naked around the house. Love her breasts and the pubic hair on this sexy girl next door model.

Pretty Darcy has that awesome girl next door appeal

abbywinters darcy pics

Darcy is delicious! She has a mixture of sexiness and girl next door appeal. The videos are worth watching. I enjoyed listening to her girl on girl experiences and the way she feels about the shoots and other sex related matters too. She has done explicit girl on girl shoots with 4 other AW models. Abby Winters is not like other amateur websites because it really delivers exclusive fresh faces never seen before. Some returning to appear in intimate masturbating vids or a first time lesbian experience. The action is real and unscripted and these real amateurs are filmed by other girls so the atmosphere is friendly, intimate and exciting which is why the orgasms are real.

British packers Samantha and Tully

abby winters tully and samantha

Two nude british girls with very nice smiles, great bodies. I like their natural bush and tan lines. We're told that these two British backpackers are real best friends and so close. They're so close they even share their panties. Now that's friendship!

Gretchen and Jenna pleasuring each other

free abby winters gretchen and jenna lesbian pics

Thanks to Gretchen for leaving her lovely glasses on the first time she goes down on Jenna in the video.. I''m not sure she's left them on before in her other girl-girl shoots, and I'm sure it's tricky, but it makes the oral sex even lovelier. It's great to see Gretchen enjoying herself as she gives Jenna what she needs: "Oh God, I've never loved playing with a pussy so much!" Both girls have been with other AW models and have several solos shoots. Gretchen also has a pissing shoot.

Kylie and Marcus in a very explicit girl boy action

Abby Winters Kylie and Marcusa girl boy pics

Slowly but surely more and more amateur couples are banging each other on Abby Winters. Kylie is a member of the AW Amsterdam staff and she talked her partner Marcus into banging her in front of the camera. Kylie is an open minded Australian girl and you can talk with her on the Abby Winters forum about her sex with Marcus and her other girl on girl shoots. She's done a lot! Real girl next door models seen nowhere else on the Internet. Regular updates and a massive archive of amateurs. Join the Abby Winters community and interact with other members and the amateur models on the forum. Send the girls a sex toy to use!

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Kylee is definitely one of the prettiest girls on AW

abby winters kylee pics

It must have been a cool day for a shoot - poor Kylee seems to have goose-bumps on her breasts. What a doll! I love the part where we get a close up tour of her pretty little pussy. Oh man, I want to dive right in there! Great video. She has 9 videos and 1,092 images in 6 image sets. Check her out in the DIY girls - lesbian threesome (free gallery on THIS website - look below). This skinny girl rocks!

Llewellyn is very nice and natural with a sexy bush

free abby winters Llewellyn pictures

Llewellyn, you're very nice and natural. I love your perfect body and your sexy bush! The perfect girl in the office to keep all the guys coming to work on time and looking our best. Beautiful, desirable, and just possibly within reach. Check out her video. I have reviewed her videos two days ago and I must say I was impressed by this lady.

Rosanna and Diana fingering and licking pussy

abby winters rosanna and diana lesbian pictures

After Diana has fingered and licked out Rosanna on the book shelf, we see her sitting on Rosanna's face. Oh man! Strong and sexy unscripted girl on girl action. The videos are fucking incredible! Both Diana and Rosanna have made out with other girls and there are lots of videos and picture sets to download at Abby Winters.

Twenty Naked Australia Girls Do Fitball Training

abbywinters fitball girls video

This one is just fantastic, so many beautiful women! 20 healthy, vibrant young girls are set and ready for action in a Fitball class! These girls had an amazing workout. Actually, watching is kind of a workout as well. They face the instructor, focussed on HIS directions, their arms and legs moving in time, boobs jiggling and butts wiggling in tantalisingly tight tank tops and shorts... It's whipped to perfection goodness! Check out the Abby Winters Fitball video 

Naked gymnast Kylie toying at the end of the workout

abby winters kylie pictures

After a short work out naked gymnast Kylie spreads wide and toys her pussy with her vibrator. This Aussie babe is in great shape and I love everything about her including her personality. Whatta girl! Check out Kylie using her other dildo in another shoot. There are 9 shoots with Kylie (videos and images) including TWO intimate moments shoots - oh man you should see the look on Kylie B's pretty face as she is masturbating. She also plays with herself in another video laying along side Kylie J.

Sarah is so cute she puts bambi to shame

abby winters sarah pics

I dont understand how she manages to be so perfect. Sarah is amazing with her eyes and infectious smile. A newbie pulling down her panties and exposing her hairy beaver for the first time and only at Abby Winters. Shy, sexy, Sarah is a sweetheart in her debut video.

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Ava toying and wearing a strap on

Abby Winters Ava Pics

Ava is such a cute natural looking girl and her 'kinky' side is bit of a surprise. She is so adorable even when she talks dirty on her videos. Nice perky tits with big nipples and a full natural bush, what more do you want? Check her out in intimate girl on girl action with Marigold and then Tammy and Lianda afterwards and finally Gilian. A total of 41 videos and 2,292 images in 9 image sets. Remember the girl on girl vids and pics are in the Intimate Section.

Pretty Annabella skinny dipping in the river

Abby Winters annabella pics

Annabella is absolutely gorgeous with a lovely playful smile! You can't help but notice her in the Waterfall Girls shoot - this 18 yr. old Aussie girl has an awesome personality. These kind of tan lines clearly shows that Annabella is not the shy type. Great butt and nipples that stick out. With wet hair, she has quickly become one of my top 10 favorites at Abby Winters. Check out her backstage pictures and her videos. More free galleries on Do a search. Instant access to Abby Winters from ($25 per month / $0.88 per day).

Tall girl Michaela shows her pubes

abby winters michaela

Tall blonde Michaela is a fantastic natural beauty with a perfect body as you can hopefully see in these pictures. She doesn't have the girl next door look but the beautiful girl next door look. Blond, blue-eyed, fair-skinned, perfect breasts, natural bush and a captivating eyes. Oh man. She looks at least as good in the video as in the stills - which is superb. After reading of her Latvian background I don't know why but I wasn't expecting to hear her Aussie accent. Not that there's anything wrong with that and she sounds sharp, articulate and charming in her video. Michaela gets nude on the beach with some others in the Sunset Girls and has 1 hour 24 minutes of video and 813 images in 5 image sets.

Real amateur couple Aletta and Harald

Abby Winters Aletta and Harald

The look in Aletta's eyes when she's hunting her prey is smoky, intense, and erotic. Also, I love the storyline, which is (to me) much more arousing than the typical "I'm home, let's screw" approach. Abby Wintersidea of girl boy shoots is to feature real couples and it's time for the lovely Aletta to show us what she can do with a dude. She's had explicit lesbian sex with a lot of the other Abby Winters girls and there's loads of videos and pics to prove it. Remember to check out the videos of these two in hardcore action. Those red panties look sensational hugging Aletta's awesome curves.

hree DIY girls get horny working together

abby winters do it yourself girls

Three Aussie DIY girls are trying to take apart a Do It Yourself bed and start feeling horny for each other. Their shirts and bras off and it's not long before they're kissing and and touching each others breasts. I'd sure hire these girls in a heartbeat. This blonde - brunette - redhead trio seem to have great chemistry. All three girls have solo shoots, masturbation and Keilyn has explicit nude girl on girl and Keira is also in the Laundromat girls. All with videos to download and keep for life!

Dutch girl Misha gets caught flashing her body

abby winters misha pics

Misha's long legs are simply awesome! Flashing and getting naked in public. What a stunning set of images and video. Misha tells us that she was caught. She wrote on the Abby Winters forum, " Lucky enough we managed to cover our self's just in time. But there was one man on a boat that had a good position seeing us. We didn't realize till we finished the shoot. He must of have seen most of what we were doing. Blonde Dutch girl Misha is a member of the Abby Winters staff and can be contacted on the forum. She has over 21 hours of videos (70 videos) and 7,428 images in 30 image sets - at the moment - including lesbian sex with 13 girls. Rosa is a newbie with over 3 hours of video (11 videos) and 1,396 images in 8 image sets including lesbian sex with 2 other girls. All videos can be downloaded and kept for life!

New Aussie amateur Joan peeing in the garden

abby winters joan pissing pictures

Some of the best teaser pictures I have seen. Joan is perfect in so many ways. She has an awesome body, a beautiful smile and fascinating eyes. She talked so openly about masturbation and sex on her video that can be downloaded with the image sets and even gave us a peeing demonstration. Check out all the Abby Winters Joan shoots (videos and pics). Instant access to Abby Winters from ($25 per month / $0.88 per day).

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